Binance Smart Chain and NFTs

All Neural Pepe NFTs and AI token will be based on the Binance Smart Chain in BEP-721 (for NFTs) and BEP-20 (for AI) standards. In order to make Neural Pepe long-lasting all images and metadata are stored on IPFS.

We had a dilemma regarding which blockchain to choose for our NFTs while planning the Neural Pepe project. On one hand, all OGs are currently living on the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, outstandingly high transaction fees leave a lot of small players behind as not everyone can afford paying 50-100 dollars for each AMM trade or NFT-related interaction. That’s why we’ve settled on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a number of advantages: 1) Being a modification of the Ethereum blockchain it is compatible with Metamask and WalletConnect applications and uses the same addresses as ETH.

2) BSC has a huge user base and an actively growing infrastructure

3) There is a high demand for quality-made and non-scam BSC-based NFT projects Of course, BSC has its own trade-offs, the major of which is higher centralization compared to Ethereum and it’s also likely to face similar scaling problems as Ethereum, if it continues to grow. Nevertheless, we find BSC trustworthy and respectable enough to build on the platform and, what is more, it’s always possible to migrate to another chain if such need ever arises.

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