Neural Pepe tokenomics

Neural Pepe (NP)

Neural Pepe (NP) is a BRC-721 token with a limited supply of 7,777 units. Each unit will be distributed during the Initial Pepe Offering. Each NP NFT earns approximately 420 AI (BRC-20) tokens every 180 days which can be claimed by the NFT’s owner. Each NP purchased during the public sale receives 420 AI tokens + 420 AI more as bonus if the purchase happened in the first 14 days of the public sale.

AI Token ($AI)

AI Token (AI) is a BRC-20 token which is gradually allocated to every Neural Pepe holder which can be used for renaming Neural Pepe NFTs, Neural Meme project governance and purchasing future NFT collections.

If you hold a Neural Pepe you can claim AI tokens accumulated by the NFT. If the NFT is transferred to another owner all AI unclaimed by the previous owner is still claimable by the new one.

AI emission rate

Each Neural Pepe generates 2,3 AI per day or approximately 420 AI per ½ a year — the amount required for a single renaming. The AI currently doesn’t have a supply cap, but it can be established via governance voting.

Number of AI emitted per year per NFT: 840 $AI

Number of AI tokens required for a single renaming: 420 $AI

Bonus AI issued for the early buyers per NFT: 420 $AI

Total daily emission of AI: 17,887.1 $AI

AI Token Utility:

1) Neural Pepe renaming

$AI Token is used for renaming Neural Pepe. Each renaming costs 420 $AI which get burnt in the process.

2) Neural Meme governance

$AI will be used for decentralized decision-making regarding the following seasons of Neural Meme project. For instance, AI holders will decide who’ll be the next hero of the Neural Meme NFTs and how they will be distributed.

3) Payment for future NFTs

Potentially, it will be possible to pay with $AI for the future Neural Meme collections.

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