How to get a Neural Pepe NFT?

Neural Pepe can be purchased during the Initial Pepe Offering which will last for 4 weeks. You can learn more about it here: Initial Pepe Offering

Which BSC-compatible wallets are supported?

Binance Chain Wallet - https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/binance.html

Metamask - https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/metamask.html

Trust Wallet - https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/trustwallet.html

Math Wallet - https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/math.html Or any other wallet supporting WalletConnect

Will I be able to trade Neural Pepe right after the sale?

As far as NPs are BEP-721 tokens which can be freely transferred between wallets, it will be possible to trade them immediately. Initially, we’re going to rely on the 3rd party platforms such as WhaleCrate and Treasureland. However, we consider the possibility of creating our own marketplace, if they don’t fulfill our needs completely.

Where can I trade $AI tokens?

$AI will be listed on Pancake Swap shortly after the Initial Pepe Offering launch

How do I know which Neural Pepe I would get?

You can’t know which Neural Pepe you’re buying as the public sale is conducted in a blind mode. It means you’ll be able to see the image and traits of your Pepe only after the reveal event. All Neural Pepe will be assigned to their NFT entities using random on-chain mechanisms. If you’re buying NP after the reveal event, you’ll be able to see which Pepe are still in the pool, but you will not know which of them you would get exactly.

How much does a Neural Pepe cost?

All Pepe will be priced in tiers. From 0.07 BNB to 10 BNB. The earlier you buy, the lower is the price. You can see the full pricing scheme below. The single purchase amount is limited to 20 Pepe per transaction in order to avoid mass hoarding at the sale start.

How do I get more AI tokens?

There are two ways to get AI tokens: hold one or several Neural Pepe (NP) each of which generates around 2,3 AI per day or purchase AI on a secondary market such as Pancake Swap.

How do I know how rare my Neural Pepe is?

Each NP has a set of traits which will be visible after the reveal event. So, it will be possible to determine the initial rarity based on these traits. However, not all traits will be highlighted and some of them are to be discovered by the community. What is more, some NPs will contain hidden traits and easter eggs.

Can two or more Neural Pepe have the same name?

No. If there is an NP named Donald Trump the only way to assign this name to another NP is to rename the original owner of this name. The renaming is not case sensitive, so “Donald Trump” and “donald trump” will be considered the same name. However, “D0nald Trump” with a “0” instead of “O” will be perceived as a different name.

When I be able to name my Neural Pepe?

You’ll be able to claim AI Tokens and rename your NFT immediately after the purchase of Neural Pepe. However, you’ll be able to see how your NP looks like only after the reveal event.

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