Pepe Creation Process

tl;dr: We’ve sacrificed several thousands of Pepe the Frog images to the Neural God, who, in exchange has bestowed upon us 7,777 impeccable Neural Pepe. That’s how our neural artist described the generation process:

Translation from Russian: “That’s how Pepe were created: Neural Pepe were generated using the StyleGAN2 generative adversarial network. The dataset consisted of over 7,000 different Pepe the Frog arts. The final collection includes models of different iterations to make the result more diverse. Each Neural Pepe NFT has a set of traits of different rarity. All traits were assigned using custom-made classifiers and then double-checked manually. No idea what else to say.

My hungover head refuses to work.”

StyleGAN is a novel generative adversarial network (GAN) introduced by Nvidia researchers

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