What is pAIn NFT?

It’s 6,666 AI-generated faces of pain put on Ethereum blockchain. Each pAIn NFT is mintable only when ETH price is falling.

Can’t get the mechanics. Explain like I’m 5. You can only mint pAIn when the price of Ethereum is going down. We check the ETH price at the moment of attempted mint and compare it to the price from 24 hours ago. If 24h change is negative, you’ll be allowed to mint. However, the minting process is also divided into pAIn tiers: mild pain (from 0% to -5% fall), moderate pain (from -5% to -10% fall), severe pain (from -10% to -15% fall) and excruciating pain (everything below -15%). The 6,666 supply of pAIn is divided between these tiers. Mild, moderate and severe pain have 2,000 supply each and excruciating pain’s supply is only 666 items. If the tier’s supply is minted out, you can only mint in other tiers’ price range. Mint price is the same for all tiers.

Where do you get the ETH price and its 24H change? We’re using Chainlink’s price feed to check ETH prices. Each time you mint a pAIn NFT(s) the actual ETH price is checked automatically in the same transaction.

How to get a FREE mint? You can get a free mint by participating in various activities on Neural Frens discord and accomplishing various quests on our Crew3 page. Also, watch the announcements channel.

What can I do with my pAIn NFTs?

Display your suffering by wearing it as your social media avatar. Print and hang on your asylum cell’s wall. Gift to your friends and enemies. Stare at it to trigger bear market flashbacks.

Why minting only when ETH is falling? You should really feel pain in order to mint pAIn. Why should I mint your NFT while I’m getting poorer? To have pAIn staying poor How were these pAIn abominations created? We used several different models based on RU-DALL-E, StyleGAN Ada and StyleGAN v3 and a dataset of pink Wojaks in order to create pAIn. pAIn pieces created using StyleGANs are also a fully synthetic pAIn as they were trained using solely images generated by RU-DALL-E to train them.

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